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How It Works


Programs and Pricing

Our programs are individually tailored to children from late elementary school through high school, and teach reading, writing, independent thinking, comprehension, and problem solving skills, providing a strong foundation for learning across all subjects.

After an initial assessment with both parents and students, we develop an individualized plan.  Each program includes one hour of individualized tutoring per week in the comfort and convenience of your home. Twice-per-week sessions are also available to parents and students who would benefit from the additional instruction.

We are also available for ongoing consultation about how to best support our students.

We charge a flat hourly fee, and we travel throughout the Metro New York region, including Manhattan, and Bergen, Westchester, and Rockland counties.

Assessment and Goal-Setting

Assessing each child and setting goals with parents is a critical early step in our process. We developed the chart, below, to help us work with parents and students to identify a starting point and chart a course for development. Although every child is unique, this continuum of learning, achieving, and confidence illustrates an optimal level of performance that PIQUE Learning can help your child reach:

Continuum of Learning, Achieving, and Confidence

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5



Defeated by school

Emotionally paralyzed

Doesn’t want to go to school

Needs constant support with writing/homework

Lacks confidence

Indifferent to school, not invested

Lacks motivation

Motivated but feels held back from achieving his or her best

Independent, motivated and curious learner

Confident and achievement oriented


Writing has no structure

Cannot develop ideas

Does not understand assignments

Little to no retention of information

Doesn’t extract meaning from the work, “going through the motions”

Writing lacks organization

Approaches assignments but gets “stuck”

Struggles to elaborate or expand ideas

Average performer, not competitive

Able to read and understand content, but difficulty with higher-level thinking

Writes simplistically, with basic vocabulary

Work lacks connection to larger contexts

Trouble expressing words, ideas, concepts

Difficulty with higher-level problem solving tasks

Early ability to contextualize work

Completes homework independently

Has higher-level problem-solving ability

Can contextualize across subject matter

Proficient in developing and expressing ideas and concepts


Our Philosophy of Teaching

Founders Altabef and Marmor believe that all children can realize their fullest potential, and that it is a teacher’s mission to reach students and inspire them to achieve. They developed PIQUE Learning’s curriculum based upon their diverse teaching experience and three main principles of education, which provide a holistic and grounded educational approach:

PIQUE Learning Builds Upon Three Core Educational Precepts

Renzulli’s 3 Ring Concept of Giftedness This concept posits that the key to high achievement is the intersection of ability, creativity and task        commitment (e.g. perseverance, hard work, self-confidence). Without creative opportunities and confidence, it is very hard for a child to realize his or her true gifts.
Scaffolding This concept describes an instructional technique in which a teacher provides support to students when introducing new concepts and skills, much like how a scaffold supports a building under construction. The teacher provides coaching and guidance at first, then gradually removes this support, so that a child can learn autonomously. Far from fill-in-the-blanks learning, scaffolding is a process that teaches children how to think independently and creatively.
Bloom’s Taxonomy Bloom’s Taxonomy describes an approach to teaching that builds students’ higher-level thinking by providing an educational foundation, building upon it, then repeating. This layered approach focuses on three general areas of learning: cognitive (“knowing/head”), affective (“feeling/heart”), and psychomotor (“doing/hands”).



We are confident that, at the end of our program, your child will show demonstrable improvement in his or her ability to learn and achieve.

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