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The Metro New York region is one of the most competitive in the world. Successful parents know firsthand how important independent thinking, confidence, problem-solving, and organization are to their own success. And they understand that, to be successful as adults, their children need to be, at a minimum, proficient in these areas. That’s where PIQUE Learning comes in.

PIQUE Learning focuses on students from late elementary school through high school to ensure a mastery of core reading and thinking skills.  Proficiency is essential before a child faces more advanced conceptual and abstract coursework in the later grades.

Founders Helaina Altabef and Sarah Marmor created PIQUE Learning in response to their observation, as classroom teachers, that many bright and capable students were either getting frustrated with school and falling behind, or they were doing sufficiently well but not achieving their highest academic potential. While classroom learning is a vital part of education, it often lacks the sensitivity and focus of individually tailored instruction that many students need in order to thrive.

Unlike a traditional tutoring service, which narrowly focuses on a single subject, PIQUE Learning teaches reading, writing, independent thinking, comprehension, and problem solving skills so that children can have a strong foundation for learning – literally, the framework for improving and succeeding across of all of their subjects, in and out of the classroom.


Achievement, independence, and confidence, as well as better grades, are what we offer every student.