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What Parents Are Saying:

 “We hired PIQUE Learning to help our 14-year-old son organize his schoolwork. The PIQUE tutor began by helping him to develop an organizational system and followed through with the system week by week. Throughout the process, PIQUE discovered other areas of his school work that also needed attention, and also taught us to set boundaries regarding work completion and timeliness for our son’s schoolwork. PIQUE did an outstanding job and brought our son’s success in school to a whole new level.” – Laura

“Before PIQUE Learning, my daughter would look at an assignment and not know where to start. Now, with the lessons from PIQUE, she has a tried-and-true system that helps her in all her classes.” – Gila

“My middle-school daughter has had the pleasure of studying with PIQUE Learning for two summers.  Our enthusiastic and talented tutor consistently engaged my daughter and encouraged her to exceed her own expectations. Our tutor managed to transform our non-reader into an eager reader!  I wholeheartedly recommend PIQUE Learning.” – TK


What Students Are Saying:

 “PIQUE Learning gave me the tools to succeed in high school. With their help, I developed writing skills to not only get me into Honors English, but also to maintain an ‘A’ average. PIQUE allowed me to realize my full potential. I can’t thank them enough!” – Melissa

“To this day, I’ve never had a better teacher.” – Tehila