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Study Skills and Strategies

It’s very easy to say “I’ll go study for my test”, but how often do you then sit down with no idea how to start?  Studying is a very individual activity; what works best for one person or subject may not work for another.  You need to find the strategy […]


Insisting on Unplugging

In all the time I’ve spent with kids, I’ve been amazed at how much they do at once. How many windows are simultaneously open, how many little devices are buzzing, all while writing papers or learning chemistry. Granted we are all socially overloaded, but this is the first generation to […]


Reading List

Recommended Reading List Grades 5-9 Author Title Genre Gibson, W. The Miracle Worker Biography   Adams, R. Watership Down Fantasy (Animal) Alexander, L. The Chronicles of Prydain  Fantasy Anderson Maybird Fantasy Babbit, N. Tuck Everlasting Fantasy Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan Fantasy Baum, L.F. The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Bradbury, R. […]


Read This Before You Turn in Your Next Written Assignment

When your teacher hands back assignments, how often have you lost points for something not even related to your ideas and writing, something silly that you could have easily avoided?  Use the following checklist before you turn in any written assignment to catch some of these common mistakes. ☐      Make […]


Motivating Children to Read

How Parents Can Help at Home As an English teacher, one of the questions that I am most often asked is “what can I do to help my child write better?”  The answer is simple.  Read.  Reading is the best way to improve all of your child’s communication skills: speaking, […]